Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Everyone!!!

Wow, where do I even begin??? 2009 has brought so many good things in my life as well as many losses and bad news. It has been a year of triumphs in my life and sadness as well. I cannot even begin to imagine what 2010 will bring as I am afraid of the lives that may be lost. 2009 brought me so many blessings it truly did! I moved out of Scott's house and into my own house in DeWitt. I was blessed with an incredible new career and beautiful new house. Lily and I have enjoyed being back together in our own space again. We lost our great friend Deb who lost her battle with cancer in May - she will always be missed. She had a way about her that was just full of life. Anyone who knew Deb knew they had been blessed - she lived life to the fullest always and never knew a stranger. There is a void in so many people's lives with her gone. Over the summer my mom was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. She is still fighting the beast and I am so amazed and inspired by her strength. I love her so much and it is so tough to be so far away from her! I am having a tough time with this.....

Lily is doing amazing. She has been sick here and there, but have managed to keep her out of the hospital for almost 3 years knock on wood please!!!! She was just diagnosed with asthma - it has been coming for a long long time. So, something we have to deal with.

Well, I am promising to write more and fill you in on our year! But, for now, I should spend this time with my family! Hugs to you all! Happy New Year's to you all!!!!!