Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lily is touring Kindergarten!

Tomorrow Lily and her classmates who are graduating get to go on a field trip to the kindergarten! They will be met by peers who are in kindergarten now who will show them the ropes and show them around! I just found out that the teacher who everyone recommended to me will be Lily's K teacher next year! I am soooooooo excited! I am so hopeful about Lily's future and so happy that God placed us here in DeWitt at the last minute possible! That God sure does have a sense of humor always putting me in his place at the last second possible! Wondering if my dad has any influence on the big man up there, because that would be my dad's sense of humor! Anyway, I am thankful! So thankful for Lily, for Dustin, for my family, for my life and am so very hopeful. Life is truly a great place!

Many many prayers still said for the George family. This has hit harder for home for me than anyone and my heart still breaks for them. Prayers Joanie, Paul and family. No words can express how sorry all of us in the T21 community are feeling for your loss. May God be with you.

Life is so fragile.... I will cherish the life I have and the people who are in it. I pray God will always help me to hold this truth!

Bless you all~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Holding my little girl ever so tightly....

Seems there have been so many deaths around me this year.... And sadly a little girl whom I did not know, but who had Down syndrome like Lily, passed very unexectedly, very suddenly. Although I don't know the family, my heart still breaks for them. I held Lily more than I already normally do - which believe me is ALOT! But, sometimes we wake up and realize that we don't get to choose our time and life holds no guarantees for any of us. I worry all the time about me leaving Lily here way too soon and I know I can't worry about things like that for I will never get to fully live. But, I pray to God everyday to let me and Lily have a long life together. I am sure that is what everyone wants I know. I guess all I can do is enjoy every second of every day and make the most of it. Just sometimes when you hear of so many things that just don't make sense - like an 8 year old dying, like my mom who has stage IV cancer breaking her arm while trying to caregive for my brother who has MS and is wheelchair bound and getting worse - sometimes I want to know why is life so unfair????? I have faith and I believe in God, but I want to know that the people who deserve the good things will get them - not too much to ask for....

I hope that I can blog more..... Lily is getting ready to transition to Kindergarten and I can't believe it. So much to write about.... But, for now..... May God be with the family who lost their beautiful little girl who was so full of life and had the brighteset smile in the world....

May you rest in peace sweet Carly! I pray for your strength for your family as they grieve for you.... No words can express the sadness that is felt all over by such a tragic loss. Please keep this family in your prayers!