Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Talk about some Magical Miracles....

Quite a few months ago, I prayed to God that he would guide me to the direction I should be taking with my life. Not just any direction in life, but the one he wanted, the one that would fulfill my need for a career and my need to move on from here. Well, God answered my prayers. While I did not get the original job I had hoped for, I did indeed get an even better one! One that could not have been more made for me if I had tried! I am so blessed!!!! I thank God for blessing me and bringing great things in my life and giving me the ability to trust in him that what was presented to me was what he wanted me to have, where he wanted me to go and how he wanted me to fulfill my destiny.

Although, I will be sad to leave Scott and the girls, I am also excited about my future and then next part of my life! I accepted a job offer last week that is so amazing! I will be working for the State of MI through Children's Special Health Care Services as a trainer/outreach liason to the health depts, educational system, advocacy groups and even medical professionals. I will be out there speaking to people and educating them on all of the programs and scholarships that are offered through CSHCS! I feel so lucky to have landed such an incredible job here in MI when so many peop;le are out of work.... So, needless to say Lily and I are moving!

I have been blessed to be here for the last two years for Scott and the girls when we all needed eachother most. Yet, it is time to move on and I am so excited to be back in m own place with my own stuff and free to do what I want to do! Don't get e wrong - it has been wonderful here, but it will also be really wonderful to just have me and Lily in our own space! It will be a good thing all the way around for everone!!!!

More to write, but, I am sooooooooooooooooo tired!!!! I promise to write more!

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