Friday, November 12, 2010

So she has Down syndrome, ok that's fine
So she has ten fingers and ten toes
Thank God she is all mine

So they say some people may not want her
That is ok, I do
She is perfect in my eyes
I always knew

So she has Down syndrome, yes you are right
But, that does not change my love for her
She is my light...

So she has Down syndrome, I don't care
We choose to count are blessings
We see the miracles in the air

We see the sunrise in the morning and thank god we are together
We rub noses and share butterfly kisses
It doesn't really matter

We don't think about the things that will never be
We just believe we are blessed eternally

There is just not any moment,
I would change her for the world
She is my everything, my Lily
She is just my little girl....

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