Thursday, December 2, 2010

अ मगिकल Time

I love Christmas! The magic, the beauty, the wonder of it all... I love that Lily is so excited for Santa and so excited about the snow! She was stomping in it making her feet print in our first snow and had this magical laughter about her. It was so contagious, so infectious and music to my ears. I realize how blessed I am to have her... The beauty she brings to our life is truly amazing! Through our struggles I must always remember we have eachother and the beauty of simple things in life that make life worth living. I want to relish in each moment, each second of every day. Life goes by so quickly, I don't want to miss a snowflake, a twinkle of an eye, a moment to say "I love you". I have been blessed with so many things and such beautiful children, I am the lucky one. To witness magical miracles in my daily life, I am in awe. Those little things, they don't really matter, they really don't. It's those things that come unexpectedly, those things that you did not try to control, those are the things that life and love are all about.....

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